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Basic First Aid/CPR/AED - Washington State Certified    ($30 per person)

Classes are approximately 4 hours and Include First Aid, Adult, Child, Infant CPR, A.E.D. taught to American Heart Association standards. This is a 2 Year Certification, L.& I, OSHA, WISHA, and GAP approved.  We address specialties per the attendees ranging from daycare/child care, industrial, including certification for Coast Guard/Merchant Marine, Electrical and HVAC Continuing Ed. 

AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED    ($55 per person)

American Heart Association certified Heartsaver is the exact same course as taught above as Basic First Aid/CPR/AED but is Nationally Certified through AHA.  This means a formal manual is provided and a written test required.  This certification is for 2 years.

Automatic External Defibrillator ( AED ) Renewel ( Quoted upon Request )

Many companies purchase Defibrillators but already have certified students in the above First Aid CPR/AED class but simply need to be trained on their AED.  This is that course.  We prefer to instruct this on your location so we may inspect the unit, required markings, battery and pads maintenance schedule plus show students the most effective method to initiate and apply the unit.  This course does NOT include CPR training that is above.

Healthcare Provider / Basic Life Support ($40 per person)

This course is specifically designed for the healthcare professional or anyone who works directly with patient care in any setting.   The course includes CPR for all ages, proper use of an Automatic External Defibrillators (AED's), management of a foreign-body airway obstruction, ventilation with a barrier device, bag valve and oxygen. This is a 3 hour course and is sanctioned by the American Heart Association.  A written and practical skill exam is required.   This certification is for 2 years.

Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA Required)    ($10 per person)

This course is designed for the food service or childcare professional who may come in contact with blood.  This is a 1 hour course.  This certification is for 1 year.  It does not include the initial course that is run for 7 hours, we do not offer this course.


AHA Instructor Renewal Course (HCP/BLS)  ($250 per person)
This course includes video presentation of HCP/BLS and AED review.  Participants will receive their New Instructor card and materials upon completion of the curriculum.  This course is 8 hours.  Written and practical examination required. This certification is for 2 years. 

New Instructor Course/AHA Certified First Aid/ CPR Instructor ($500 per person)

All participants will be required to instruct up to 6 public classes with Senior instructor oversight. Participants will then be required to instruct 2 classes on their own with student participation of evaluation of instructors knowledge. Participant will then be presented with certification of course completion and their American Heart Association Instructor Certification Card valid for 2 years.  This course is 16 hours of classroom instruction, practical skills and written exam.


Students requiring this certification may now take the written exam online through the E-LEARNING SITE through the American Heart Association.

The cost is $ 28.00 for part 1

Part 2 is the Skills exam and training held at our Nob Hill Location

The cost is $ 30.00 per person for Part 2

Please call for more Information and Instructions 

Pattie Hendrickson 509-594-1322, Forbes Mercy or 509-307-7777