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EMERGENCY Novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 virus Notification:

American First Aid and CPR operates courses in Accordance with American Heart Association requirements.  With the new virus we have extremely modified our equipment and procedures in order to instruct the same courses we have taught before

As we sail through April we keep pushing our First Aid/CPR classes back and with a 120 day extension of AHA card expiration you're in good shape right now. We'll be pushing for Labor and Industries extensions which haven't been published yet. Once we're past the curve we will dramatically increase the number of classes we teach after people are allowed to congregate again. It may start slowly with 10 people or less then gradually increasing to normal again, we hope! We'll maintain tightened mask/glove/personal devices long after Covid-19 is over. Remember NO CPR certification is any good if not with a live instructor and I know your facility and in some cases city officials may pass out their own "Exemptions" to that rule, don't believe it, it's not real AHA certified if not with a live instructor, don't waste your money.

We are Training Center Faculty for Newcastle our Training Center, as recognized by American Heart Association (AHA), and instruct using the latest AHA guidelines.  Our training is also accepted for OSHA, WISHA, and Dept. of Labor and Industries guidelines. 

#1 All students will be given 1 pair of Nitrile Gloves and are required to wear them throughout the class.

#2 Each student will be issued a personal filter non-reusable filter and mask which you will keep after class.  We previously have cleaned and reused masks.

#3 We are limiting our classes to 10 when at our office classroom or at your location if you can guarantee space adequate to have 3 feet apart for all manikins and chairs for students.  If we arrive and the classroom is inadequate the number of students will have to be reduced and we reserve the right to charge for the entire group based on the misrepresentation of space available.

#4 Due to all of the new equipment required for students we will be increasing all class costs by $5 to cover our costs.  This is not extra profit but actual cost of equipment.

#5 Once the CDC has issued an all clear we will consider modifying our policies although we also recognize that the increased hygiene and space may serve to reduce other illness transmission and choose to make this a permanent practice.

We offer several courses, Basic First Aid/CPR/AED Washington State L&I recognized for use in most Washington counties. We also offer Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) recertification after the First Aid course This course is most popular for in-state workers and non-health care providers (Click on Public Basic FA/CPR link to the left) 

For American Heart Association (AHA) we are certified to teach Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED (Click on Public Basic FA/CPR link to the left), This is recognized as an International certification and also comes with an AHA book and requires testing at the end of class. This course is most used by multi-state workers and Healthcare Providers.

Our most popular course is Basic Life Support (BLS). It is known under several other names such as Healthcare Provider, and Heartcode.  (Click on Healthcare Provider/BLS link to the left) We teach live classes and also provide the Part 2 portion of the online course.  Washington State REQUIRES that all online classes have a live instruction component.  Any online course that certifies you without live instructor interaction is NOT a legitimate certification. 

All AHA courses now use the eCard system which provides better proof of legitimate training to employers and replacement of lost cards managed by the student.  Each student must have Internet access and email. Some companies say they "follow the AHA guidelines then give you a card they made themselves.  It may be good for state OSHA/WISHA standards but is NOT an AHA certification unless it's an AHA eCard.

We use Fire Service experienced live trainers and don't limit teaching 'How and What', we add 'WHY' so the student has a better retention and confidence of rescue practices.  We adapt our classes to many customer specific needs from daycare, food industries, to industrial specifics. We also are certified for Coast Guard, state Electrical and HVAC CE.

You can reach us by phone at 509.594.1322 or 509 853 0855 also we have a fax at 509.965.0986.  We look forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us via e-mail at: americantrainer@gmail.com  or forbes.mercy@gmail.com

In brief, you should know the following about us: Our company was established in January 2005 in Yakima, Washington and has been responsible for providing outstanding training and education for the general public and the professional healthcare industry all over Washington State. Our regular customers particularly value the convienence of on-site training, travel availability and flexibility of scheduling.  We also hold public classes in both HCP/BLS and Basic First Aid, (See links to the left)